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Toad Warrior is an Air, Silver Cerebella variant. This variant is best used as an offense character; attacking the AI in Story, Daily and other modes.


Signature Ability 1
Gain 1/2/3% BLOCKBUSTER METER per second while near an opponent.

Signature Ability 2
Inflict 25/35/50% bonus damage while a BLOCKBUSTER is fully charged.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Complexity Edit

Toad Warrior doesn't do anything to radically shift the typical Cerebella strategy of 'punch the opponent until they go down', but her Signature does help in that regard, giving her a very good boost to her damage while she has a blockbuster charged. Toad Warrior does reward the player for staying next to the opponent longer, either through the use of longer combos or by knocking the opponent into the corner.

Strategy Edit

Running multiple Blockbusters increases the chance of you having one on standby to boost your damage, while also having a powerful Combo Finisher in the form of that Blockbuster. Knowing when to use the Blockbusters you have is important for Toad Warrior, since if a Blockbuster misses or gets blocked, you lose 50% of your damage capacity and have nothing to show for it.

Key Stats Edit

As with most Cerebellas, Toad Warrior really likes Attack bonuses, as well as HP to keep her around. Running a lot of Meter Gain will increase your odds of being able to quickly rack up Blockbusters to boost your damage.

Strong Against Edit

As Blockbusters fill on a per-hit basis, enemies that rely on multiple small hits or extended combos to rack up damage will help Toad charge faster

Weak Against Edit

Fighters with emphasis on meter control will have an easy time limiting Toad Warrior's damage. Fighters like Ivy League, Diva Intervention or most variants of Squigly who run Battle Opera or Inferno of Leviathan can counter Toad Warrior easily enough.

Trivia Edit

this pallet is based on "Rash" Of the battletoads series

She was one of six new silvers added to the game in version 2.7, also known as the Halloween update.